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These forward-looking statements, which are included in accordance with the Safe Harbor provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995, may involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that may cause Youbet’s actual results and performance in future periods to be materially different from any future results or performance suggested by the forward-looking statements in this press release. From time to time, these risks, uncertainties and other factors are discussed in Youbet’s filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Including founder and President, Dave Bruen, Bruen Productions employs six individuals, each of which will remain with the company. is an official online wagering platform of Churchill Downs Incorporated and the Kentucky Derby and is the exclusive provider of horse racing content for CBS Readers are cautioned not to place undue reliance on forward-looking statements, which speak only as of the date of this press release. Such factors include, without limitation, the following: our successful integration of United Tote; the timely development and market acceptance of new products and technologies; our ability to secure financing on terms acceptable to us; our ability to control operating expenses; increased competition in the advance deposit wagering business; a decline in the public acceptance of wagering; wagering ceasing to be approved in jurisdictions where Youbet currently operates; the limitation, conditioning or suspension of any of Youbet’s licenses; increases in or new taxes imposed on wagering revenues; and a decline in the general economy. Bruen specializes in the creation of marketing and advertising campaigns which leverage their broadcast and internet audio/visual capabilities, podcast production and consulting experience, and direct response marketing expertise including WEBmercial production.

Forward-Looking Statements

With Bruen’s production capabilities in-house, Youbet expects to save approximately $250,000 per year on the production of new customer-focused, educational audio/video content distributed through its online offerings including (NASDAQ:UBET) announced today that it recently acquired privately-held Bruen Productions International, Inc., a Colorado-based full-service broadcast production company. More information on Bruen Productions can be found at

. Combined 2004-2005 revenue was approximately $1.2 million. Bruen will continue to work on behalf of non-Youbet customers. is a diversified provider of technology and pari-mutuel horse racing content for consumers through Internet and telephone platforms and is a leading supplier of totalizator systems, terminals and other pari-mutuel wagering services and systems to the pari-mutuel industry through its United Tote subsidiary. Youbet financed the $162,000 acquisition price with restricted treasury stock payable in four installments over the next three years. In addition, Youbet assumed $174,000 in Bruen debt.

Established in 1983, Bruen Productions serves clients in the U.S. pari-mutuel market; and Youbet’s play-for-points racing education website – – is helping to attract new fans to racing. Through this platform, Youbet offers members commingled track pools, live audio/video, up-to-the-minute track information, real-time wagering information, phone wagering, race replays, simultaneous multi-race viewing and value-added handicapping products. More information on can be found at racing regulatory jurisdiction.’s website offers members the ability to watch and, in most states, wager on the widest variety of horse racing content available worldwide. The Youbet Advantage(TM) Player Rewards Program is the only player incentive program of its kind in the U.S. Statements containing expressions such as “may,” “will,” “project,” “might,” “expect,” “believe,” “anticipate,” “intend,” “could,” “would,” “estimate,” potential,” “continue” or “pursue,” or the negative or other variations thereof or comparable terminology used in Youbet’s press releases and in its reports filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission are intended to identify forward-looking statements.’s International Racing Group subsidiary is the only pari-mutuel rebate provider to be licensed by a U.S. By utilizing Bruen’s available capacity, instead of using outside resources, Youbet will realize cost savings compared to the budget we had allocated towards producing original educational and entertainment-focused video content for our and offerings for both novice and experienced handicappers. In addition, Bruen’s leading broadcast commercial production capabilities provides opportunities to effectively promote Youbet and its subsidiaries and we will also offer these services to Youbet content providers and industry constituents that are looking to promote their products. Youbet does not undertake, and specifically disclaims any obligation, to publicly release the result of any revisions that may be made to any forward-looking statements to reflect the occurrence of anticipated or unanticipated events or circumstances after the date of such statements.

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif. Finally, Bruen’s creative expertise can be leveraged for the creation of content needed for new business proposals.”

This press release contains certain forward-looking statements. Although Youbet believes the expectations reflected in such forward-looking statements are based upon reasonable assumptions, it can give no assurance that actual results will not differ materially from these expectations. and Canada and has been profitable since its inception.

Youbet Chairman and CEO Charles F. Champion commented, “With this acquisition, Youbet now has the ability to produce creative content that can benefit our core offerings and we have added highly regarded creative talent and skill sets that will support future opportunities. & LOVELAND, Colo.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Reflecting its efforts to cost effectively produce innovative marketing and educational content,, Inc

Plaor, Inc. Announces Its First New Slot of 2015 with the Launch of Riches of the Sea

(OTCQB:CRWG), announced today the launch of Riches of the Sea(TM), the latest title developed from its partner 2 By 2 Gaming. Users can play more than a dozen unique slot themes, four types of Hold’em poker, video poker, along with the innovative MegaFame Blvd. These statements involve known and unknown risks and are based upon a number of assumptions and estimates that are inherently subject to significant uncertainties and contingencies, many of which are beyond the control of the Company. Words such as “expects,””will,” “intends,” “plans,” “believes,” “anticipates,” “hopes,” “estimates,” and variations on such words and similar expressions are intended to identify forward-looking statements. CrowdGather provides a highly interactive and informational social network for members, a management and revenue-sharing resource for third-party forum owners, and a largely untapped advertising network for marketers worldwide.

This press release contains forward-looking statements (as defined in Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended) concerning future events and the Company’s growth and business strategy. With over 20 employees, the Plaor team is a mix of rising-star newcomers and widely-recognized game development veterans from companies including Rockstar Games, Turbine, Harmonix, Irrational Games, Nanigans, Sony Online Entertainment, ThoughtWorks, THQ, and Caesars Interactive Entertainment.

About CrowdGather, Inc.

About Mega Fame Casino & Slots(TM)

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Plaor, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of vertical interest social media network CrowdGather, Inc. The Company expressly disclaims any obligations or undertaking to release publicly any updates or revisions to any forward-looking statements contained herein to reflect any change in the Company’s expectations with respect thereto or any change in events, conditions or circumstances on which any statement is based.. Several of 2 By 2 Gaming’s popular titles are currently deployed on the casino floors with leading gaming companies, including Bally Technologies (NYSE: BYI) and Incredible Technologies.

Mega Fame Casino & Slots(TM) is a high quality social casino available now on Facebook, iOS, and Android. “It is fitting that the first game launched in Mega Fame Casino & Slots(TM) in 2015 is from our oldest partner for video slot content and the one with which we have created the most titles. Based on Plaor’s unaudited financial statements and without the benefit of marketing and advertising resources CrowdGather will provide, Mega Fame Casino & Slots(TM) currently has more than 23,000 daily active users and is projected to generate approximately $1.5 million in annualized revenues.

With its growing portfolio of special interest forums and enthusiast message board communities, CrowdGather ( has created a centralized network to benefit forum members, forum owners, and forum advertisers. Mega Fame Casino & Slots(TM) features more than 300 celebrities and offers weekly celebrity tournaments bringing truly unique star-studded experiences to social games. Factors that could cause actual results to differ materially include, but are not limited to, changes in the Company’s business; general economic, industry and market sector conditions; the ability to generate increased revenues from the Company’s forums and Plaor’s social casino; the ability to obtain additional financing; the ability to manage the Company’s growth; the ability to develop and market new technologies to respond to rapid technological changes; competitive factors in the market(s) in which the Company operates; and other events, factors and risks disclosed from time to time in the Company’s filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. With an experienced group of talented professionals that are responsible for some of the most popular casino gaming brands, 2 By 2 Gaming is focused on innovation and player excitement. Actual results may differ materially from those expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements.

To start playing Mega Fame Casino & Slots(TM) for free, visit the Facebook App Center, Apple iOS App Store, or Google Play Store now.

“We are pleased to announce the launch of our fifth game from our partner 2 By 2 Gaming – Riches of the Sea(TM)”, said Richard Corredera, Chief Operating Officer of CrowdGather. Plaor produces Mega Fame Casino, an innovative and highly rated social casino available on iOS, Android & desktop. Although the Company believes that the expectations reflected in such forward-looking statements are reasonable, no assurance can be given that such expectations will prove to have been correct. We look forward to providing several more titles from 2 By 2 Gaming to our players in the upcoming year.”

About 2 By 2 Gaming, LLC

CrowdGather subsidiary, Plaor, a company that specializes in developing highly scalable multi-platform games, is located in the heart of Boston’s fast growing Innovation District. Riches of the Sea(TM) is an exciting 5 reel video slot with 30 pay lines and a beautifully styled undersea and mermaid theme that is currently available to play in Mega Fame Casino & Slots(TM) and on the Facebook, iOS, and Android game platforms.

Based in the Chicago area, 2 By 2 Gaming is a leading independent slot game development company that develops content for land-based gaming and legal online wagering

Leadership Activities and Games to Build Teamwork

Have the team members take turns in doing these tasks where each member takes up something he can best do. Here we give you activities that help build some of the skills needed for good leadership and teamwork. It is not about who wins or loses; it is about how each team plays! To arrange sports activities, you will have to see if the venue allows and whether the sport can be played in the space and time available. For this game, divide the group into pairs. This is an exercise of sequencing themselves. Leadership has an important role to play in team performance. You can have them form teams on the basis of criteria like those born in the same month form a group, those whose names start with the same letter form a group or those with the same zodiac sign form a group and so on. Depending on the situation, you can decide whether to maintain anonymity with the answers or not.

Games to Identify Leadership and Build Teamwork

When it comes to building leadership or identifying leaders in a group, you need to consider the skills that a leader should possess. Give them survival scenarios and hypothetical situations and ask the participants to resolve them. Now each group has to identify the strengths of their product and try to sell it to other groups. Include scenarios like, ‘you are a team lead and a member of your team is not ready to follow your decision, what would you do?’ or ‘what would you do in a situation where a team member is putting the blame of his underperformance on a co-worker?’ or something like ‘given that you have two team members of equal caliber, who would you select for promotion and how?’ or ‘given that a team member is very good at his work but the only thing going against him is his frequent absenteeism, how would you deal with this?’ Here too, participants with the best answers can be rewarded and given the choice to discuss their answers with the rest of the team.

A slight variation to the game above gives you another activity to build coordination; it’s called Teaming Quick. Other groups decline the offer till they find something really convincing about the product being marketed. Evaluate your objectives and choose team activities accordingly. Give each team member a set of questions, which will help them analyze themselves. Ask yourself whether you intend to build leadership qualities among your team members or aim at identifying the hidden leaders in your team. You are sure to see their team skills at work.

Many of us are quite enthusiastic about planning leadership activities and team games but we often neglect the fact that organizing team building games requires thought and effort. You can let him choose who he is or give him a name. The tasks could be anything from solving a jigsaw puzzle together or solving questions collectively to carrying out physical tasks within the given time. You can bring variations to what is mimed in the game. Outdoor games like handball, volleyball, soccer, cricket and several others help keep the team spirit alive and also prove to be excellent leadership activities. Imagine things like ‘leadership’, ‘work ethics’ or ‘time management’, being explained through actions and others guessing it. The way the team members organize themselves and compete with their opponents, speaks a lot about their teamwork and leadership. Divide the team into groups of 6-8 people (a little less or more depending on the team size). You are sure to see those with leadership qualities quick at organizing their teams and delegating tasks. Both are good picks for kids, young and old. But as a corporate team game, you can introduce words related to the organization or the work. It’s a good idea to discuss the answers or make a concluding speech on the different views expressed through the answers. Once they complete their questionnaire, discuss the answers with the rest of the team. To be an effective leader, it is important for a person to build trust in his followers. These activities surely test the group’s communication and coordination skills as the members have to arrange themselves in a certain manner through quick communication.

What’s on my task list is one more fun team game, where you give each team a set of tasks to be completed in a certain amount of time. Now, ask each of the team leaders to direct their blindfolded team members along the path. It is important to choose leadership activities and games that are well-suited to your team. You may require them to make more circles if the number of participants in more. The skills include problems-solving, decision-making, delegation, trust-building and communication to name a few. Answers to questions like these speak a lot about leadership qualities and team skills the participants possess. Those in a team have to know each other’s views, strengths and weaknesses so as to be able to work together. A variant of this is by assigning each member a letter of the alphabet and asking the group to build words. Put before the participants different criteria according to which they need to form teams. Assign each leader a path to be traced. One member breaks out of the circle and stands at its center. This one gets interesting when the participants have to remember which letters they are, the words they are supposed to form and also spell the words right.

I won’t buy this is a communication game that tests how convincing one can be in promoting himself/his product. These group activities would require the team members to communicate with each other and work in coordination. This is a great way to build teamwork in the group.

Remember, team games can prove to be a sheer waste of time if not planned well. You can have small tasks like crossing hurdles, juggling, filling bottles with water, writing 1-10 or a-z in the reverse order, building a tower of plastic cups, peeling potatoes, juicing lime, drinking soda, etc. Give them one huge crossword puzzle to solve or a grid of unscrambled words. You can expect people to follow you only if you can build trust and a mutual understanding between you and your team members. Blindfold all the members of each team but not their leaders. Interesting, isn’t it?

Outdoor games and sports activities are all-time favorites as activities that build leadership and teamwork. The game can continue till all the members of the circle get a chance to do the free fall!

Guess who I am is another good communication game. Effective communication, a sense of responsibility and trust are of importance in this team activity.

Activities to Build Teamwork

Mine Field is a popular trust building activity. You might like to go through the following leadership activities and include some of them in your next team building endeavor.


Games to Build Coordination Skills

As a variant of problem-solving activities, you can introduce group projects. One in each pair is blindfolded and the field is strewn with objects like balls, blocks, cones, rings, etc. For this, they need to communicate. You can even have team values being mimed; it’s all the more interesting this way. Sports are a must-have for occasions like team excursions or company picnics. The guide can neither enter the field nor touch his blindfolded partner. Trust building games can serve this purpose.

Blind Walk is one such game.

Trust is a vital component of leadership. You can divide the spectators into two teams and have them shout and cheer for their own teams. The pair which manages the mine field travel in the least time and with the blindfolded partner hitting the least number of mines, is declared as the winner.

Trust Fall is another trust-building activity where the participants are required to stand in a circle. For this game, one participant chooses to be someone else (it could be a brand, a famous personality or someone all the participants know). The way one reacts to a situation tells a lot about his personality. But no worries if it’s more than what’s required for the sport. We have,

Scenarios are an excellent way to identify leadership. Communication games form a part of leadership activities because leaders need to possess communication skills to be able to lead a team effectively.

Charades, though it sounds cliche, is one very good communication game that can be used with literally any group, be it kids, the young or adults. For instance, ascending order of their height, descending order of their birth months, order of their lucky numbers, descending order of the first letter of their names, etc. You can give each group a science project idea with the material required to present it or an experiment idea with the apparatus required to demonstrate it. As a variation to conventional jigsaw puzzle-solving, add a step of enlarging the pieces (by redrawing them) and have the enlarged pieces put together.

This game provides the participants with an opportunity to judge their leadership qualities and helps you identify leaders. And it’s necessary to see that the team members are comfortable participating in them.

It is best to begin with identifying your objectives as a human resource person, team manager or event organizer. Give each group a separate theme/subject for the poster and the material to make one. Then he tries to explain who he is through one of these – actions (he is not allowed to talk) or clues (limit the number of clues and restrict him on what can be revealed and what cannot be). However, if planned meticulously, team building games can serve as an effective means to make the team members feel together and keep them going! Leadership activities can serve as the best tools to identify leaders in a team and games to build teamwork, the most effective ways to spread a positive vibe.. Or arrange for a poster-making competition. For this game, divide the group into teams of at least 5 or 6. And you cannot afford to compromise on employee productivity in the name of team building and leadership activities. Once each participant gets a number, you can ask the odd numbers to stand together, numbers divisible by 3 to come together or multiples of 10 to form a group and so on. Give each group a set of tasks to be completed in a stipulated period of time. For this game, the participants are assigned numbers (1 to 100) and then given criteria to form teams. The person who is not blindfolded has to guide his blindfolded partner to cross the mine field without hitting any of the mines (objects) laid on the field. The instructions need to be in the verbal form. Exchanging answers will help the team members in analyzing each other’s ways of handling problems. You can have a set of activities wherein each team member needs to take up at least one of the tasks in the set. In this activity, you will see those with leadership qualities taking the initiative in quickly forming groups based on the given criteria.

Let’s Team Up is one such game which serves as an exercise to form teams in different ways. He then lets himself fall freely in any direction and those forming the circle catch him before he falls. You can introduce tasks like quick formation of two circles facing each other or quick formation of male-female pairs or forming a square or a triangle by taking correct positions. Give each group a product to sell or have them come up with a novel product idea. The sport you choose will also depend on the number of people in the group. In this activity you can use different scenarios and ask the participants to say how they would react to them. Reward the best or the wittiest answers as a recognition of their problem solving skills.

Questions like ‘how important is it to motivate a team?’, ‘how to encourage creative thinking in a team?’, ‘what should the main aim of a leader be?’, ‘what is that one attribute a leader should not have?’, ‘is every manager a leader?’ can be included in your questionnaire. Depending on the age group of the participants, you can vary this activity. These activities help in bringing the team members together to accomplish certain tasks, thus fostering their team spirit.

For group problem-solving activities, divide the team into groups of 5 or more, depending on the size of the team. Teamwork includes communication, understanding and coordination among the team members along with mutual trust. Give each group a theme to write and enact a skit on. You can even give them names which are not their own and play this game. For example, you can have comic book characters or book or kids’ movie names for a group of children, you can have something similar for a group of adults too. It works well with kids and teenagers. This game exercises the group’s communication skills and also builds teamwork.

Trust Building Games

Communication skills are essential for both effective leadership and good teamwork. Ask each team to elect a leader for their team. In all these activities, the members need to work as a team to achieve one common goal.

Leaders’ Questionnaire

Teamwork is not just about coming together to form a team; it’s really about working together towards a common goal. Or you can even have the other members ask him questions about who he is, where he is allowed to answer only with a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’.

Communication Games

For this activity, the group members need to use their coordination skills and take quick decisions

History Of Horse Racing – Ascot

Her Jockeys race wearing her colours.

Ascots first racecourse was laid out by William Lowen and his team of helpers. Racing at Ascot was here to stay.

Ascot appeals to non race goers due to its history and infectious atmosphere. Even if you do not particularly enjoy horse racing you must visit Ascot to absorb the history of this famous course.

Until 2001 Royal Ascot racecourse was run as a private company with no accounts being published. The horses running were English Hunters, very different to the fast thoroughbreds we see today.

It was in 1813 that parliament passed the Act of Enclosure which ensured the racecourse be kept and used by the public. For the past 300 years Ascot has been centre stage for one of the most publicised horse races ever.

Queen Anne discovered the potential for a racecourse in Ascot whilst she was out riding in 1711. Seven runners took part.

The Queen has bred and owned racehorses for many years with excellent success. The racecourse was closed in the Autumn of 2004 for a major redevelopment programme which incidentally was one of the largest of its kind in the whole of Europe. Ladies’ day is usually the busiest day of the week and held on the third day of Royal Ascot and is as famous for the hats and outfits as the horses.

The first meeting was held on the 11th August in 1711 and the first event was her “Majesty’s Plate. The course was developed successfully and opened on schedule.

Ascot conjures up images for everyone of grandeur and an amazing social occasion. The site had its first permanent building in 1794 which held about 1,650 people and was used until 1838.

The grandstand was officially reopened in June 2006 by Her Majesty The Queen. She was 19 years old and the event was the first after the end of the Second World War.

Unfortunately there is no record of the horse that won this momentus race but it would have had extreme stamina as the heats were four miles long (about the length of the Grand National Race Course). She came accross an area of open ground, not that far from Windsor Castle and decreed it would be suitable for horses to gallop on.

The Queens very first attendance at Ascot was in May 1945. The company was incorporated in 2002 in conjunction with the redevelopment of the racecourse.

The Queen Anne Stakes continue to this day in memory of the monarch who founded this course all those centuries ago.. The development was planned to take Ascot to a whole new level of racing experience.

The Straight Mile Gold Cup Day is the feature of Ladies’ day. This was worth a 100 guineas and open to horses over the age of six

Betting It All On Basketball: A Gambler’s Grind In The NBA

He bet his entire life savings on a 6.5-1 bet that would take over six months to decide.

By David Hill

Voulgaris got the gambling bug at an early age. This requires him to watch a LOT of NBA games. He wouldn’t tell me who he was betting on, but he had plenty to say about basketball, gambling, and life.

Do The Right Thing, Ossie Davis’ character ‘Da Mayor’ answers a cop’s question with “those who know, don’t tell. He has built up a network of employees, a database of statistics, and predictive models that far surpass what many NBA franchises have available to them. There have been years where I have just taken a month off here and there because it felt like too much of a grind.”

“I love totals,” he said to Pokercast. Possession. And aside from a small break he took from gambling a few years ago to try to land a job with a team, he has earned his living this way for over 15 years. On just about every night of the week during the regular season.

This post originally appeared on Negative Dunkalectics.

The opportunity he had was that the oddsmakers were offering 6.5-1 on the Lakers to win the championship in 2000. The best athletes are playing basketball.” When I asked him about being a fan he told me “I really just love NBA basketball. He makes his living outsmarting oddsmakers. And his is a very comfortable living, indeed. “My dad really had a lot of gamble to him,” Voulgaris shared with me, “which I guess is a nice way of saying he was borderline degenerate.”

“I learned that if you didn’t have an edge on something you weren’t going to win. It’s tough to model. Six months later, after many nights of eating ramen noodles, many days of slinging luggage, and a 15 point deficit in the 4th quarter of game 7 against Portland, the Lakers were crowned NBA champions, and Haralabos Voulgaris had a half a million dollars.

I share with Voulgaris my own experiences as a gambler, how hard it is for me to appreciate a good game when I have a bet on it, since the outcome of the game or the excitement and drama of a great game is secondary to the sweat I have. That’s why so few people have success betting it and why I’m able to corner the market.” But he also expressed a deeper appreciation of the game itself. I may just watch every defensive possession or every offensive possession or just watch particular lineups or matchups.”

From there Voulgaris gave up on the skycap business and started betting more and more on each game. He spoke to me on the eve of the playoffs. He limited his gambling primarily to NBA basketball, but not because it was the easiest game to bet on. He told twoplustwo’s Pokercast “basketball is the least exploitable sport. Single. “I learned a lot from my father, but most of the stuff I learned was what didn’t work.

Consider young Haralabos Voulgaris: all he had to his name was $70,000 and a degree in philosophy. Voulgaris also picked up some lessons around the track with his dad. “One of the reasons why I feel like I have such an accurate understanding of the game is because I have to learn WAY more when I am watching a game I have action on,” he says. His experience is different. His predictive models rely on an immense amount of data that is constantly being updated. So he did what anyone else would do. Learning to read the Daily Racing Form around 9 years old was one of the first skills my father ever taught me. “I watch about 400 games from beginning to end. I watch at least one or two quarters of maybe 85-90% of games. But he also had an opportunity.

. When I first started betting I would turn down the volume on the TV and turn on a metronome.” He tells me, “the regular season definitely feels like a grind for me. One of a small handful of people who turns a large yearly profit betting solely on the NBA, Voulgaris is known to move the lines with his action, which can sometimes be as high as $80,000 a game. “In basketball the expression of athleticism comes out more. “When I’m watching the game, I love calculating if I’m on pace for the total. I learned that if you didn’t moderate your temperament and think rationally, no matter how big your edge was you probably aren’t going to win long term.” Voulgaris paused, “And also I learned that in life you have to be willing to take risks because quite often the biggest gamble of all is just sitting around waiting for the perfect opportunity that may not ever come.”

This was a lesson Voulgaris clearly took to heart. And my childhood was also spent hanging around the racetrack. “It can be more nerve wracking. You really start to know which players are good for offense or defense or both more than any other way of watching basketball when you are betting the totals.”

For Voulgaris, there is often more action than for the rest of us. Then he waited. All the while, lurking in the shadows of the league, there are oddsmakers and the handicappers who try to outsmart them, hoarding an understanding of the game that rivals most NBA front-offices.

I can sympathize. I go to quite a few games and I love sitting courtside at a game because it’s the only sport where you are that close to the action.”

Haralabos Voulgaris is among them. Those who tell, don’t know.” So it is in basketball, where there is no shortage of writers, pundits, and bloggers with little-to-no basketball expertise who are offering up their opinions. My own father was a borderline degenerate gambler himself. But this season Voulgaris liked them to win it all. The year before, the Lakers were eliminated in the second round of the lockout-shortened playoffs by the Spurs. Haralabos knows. He thought the line was an overlay. And while he isn’t telling, he is talking. On almost every game of the night. While we sweat our favorite teams, or even the gamblers among us sweat out the point spread, Voulgaris is often sweating the totals, meaning he has a rooting interest in Every. I love the sport, I love the drama around it and love the characters. After high school he went away to college to study philosophy at the University of Manitoba. “I find when I am watching the previous day’s games, which I do a lot from noon until 3 p.m., my mind wanders a lot and I don’t retain nearly as much information as I do when I actually have a sweating interest in a game.”

The grind is what makes Haralabos rich. While there he started up his own skycap company at the airport and in two years he managed to scrape together $70,000.

This takes its toll on Voulgaris, however. His father was a gambler, and Voulgaris has fond memories of growing up around the racetrack. “A lot of what I do is just watch more basketball than any other human,” he told Pokercast

Betting Into A Winning Streak

Plus, if a streakcatcher player wins 3 games in a row, Belmont Sportsbook will give them a $100 betting account and 7 wins in a row, will give them a $250 free play. In fact, at the time of this write up on August 21st 2007, the Texas Rangers are on a 10 game “under streak” and the Cleveland Indians just rang up number 7 vs. Hope this was helpful and that it brings you a small fortune.

Ron Raymond is a pioneer in the online sports handicapping business. This way, you are up 7 units before you go back to 1 unit and if that unit should lose, you only lose 1 unit instead of starting back to zero.

By: ron11. other teams, than that’s a nice situation to be streak betting.

Another way of finding a hot streaking system, follow the “Streakcatcher” leader at Let’s say for example, the line opens Tigers vs. Plus, it’s 100% free to play streakcatcher. Ideally, if you can get a baseball team between series in a home and home series vs. For example; I will lay 1 unit on game number 4, if the play wins, I will then lay 2 units on game number 5, and 4 units on game number 6 and then if you keep winning, go back to one unit and start the cycle over again. Indians and the total is 9.0 and it’s -120 for the OVER and +100 for the UNDER and all of a sudden you see the line moving to -110 for the O/U, then -120 to the UNDER, there’s a good indication the money is starting to pour in on the UNDER.

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Now, the most important thing to know about “streak betting” is money management. But if you’re looking for winning picks, the Streakcatcher is just another way of finding a hot hand!

Do you have a strategy when you make your bets? Do you just glance over the daily betting line without doing your homework and just go on a gut feeling or do you research your picks? How do you follow up a winning day? Do you double up and just give the Sportsbooks back their money? In fact, your betting style will determine what kind of sports bettor you are, either you’re a weekend warrior, a novice bettor looking to improve, or you’re a season vet who gambles for a living.

There’s many ways to lay a bet, you can bet on 2,3,4 or 10 games a day, you can parlay bet, bet teasers etc…However, one of the best types of betting is what I like to call “streak betting”. In fact, this is where you find streaking teams who’ve been hot on the side or a total and you ride them until one of the wheels falls off! The reason this is one of the best forms of wagering is because half of the work is done for you, as you are basically riding out a team’s sides or totals success. However, the best form of “streak betting” is wagering on the totals, as it seems teams can have more success in the totals than the sides, as it’s not unusual to see a team ride out 9 overs or 8 unders on one streak. We have a nice little feature where people make 1 pick a day, if they win their pick, they receive credit for 1 win and so on and so forth, once they hit 17 wins in a row, they will win $10,000. However, the only downfall about hot teams, you’re not the only one who knows about it, as the bookmakers are hot on their trail as well and will adjust the betting line accordingly. Jim Leyland’s Tigers!

Being informed is being sharp!

Another thing you should be doing when streak betting, follow the betting line. What I normally do when streak betting is lay 1 unit on the 4th game, and then double up until I hit the 3 game cycle. I recommend you go to and go to the “Line Moves” section and monitor the line movements, this is just another tool to help ease your mind when streak betting, knowing the money is on the same side as your bet. Since 1996, Ron has been sending his clients to only the most reliable and Best Sportsbooks in the online gaming industry. Therefore, what I normally like to do, wait until the line comes out and if the line is over -150 or so, I will normally lay -1.5, as you might get some dog money or lower spread money line. Therefore, if you’re looking to wager with a safe and Sportsbook Bonuses , please consider one of Ron’s Internet sportsbooks & Sports Betting Systems

But, when do you jump on the streak? Normally, I like to jump on a team after their third win, but I recommend you examine the situation when teams face their 4th games, as they could be a coming off a 3 game home stretch and then they are on the road, which is a tough situation for any team

Golden Casino – Avoiding Online Casino Scams

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Blazers Bet Season on Half-Healthy LaMarcus Aldridge and Saturday NBA Takeaways

According to The Wall Street Journal’s Chris Herring, it was the first time in Hardaway’s career that he had met those box-score benchmarks:  

In the grand scheme of things, it’s a decision that falls on the higher end of the risk-reward spectrum. And, boy, did the Moda Center crowd appreciate the lift he provided. 

On the bright side, Tim Hardaway Jr. It wasn’t pretty. 

But as Yahoo Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski reported, the team is fearing the worst: 

Per Bleacher Report, Pierce is one of four players in league history to drill at least 2,000 threes over the course of his career: 

After improbably capturing three straight wins, the New York Knicks fell back to earth in a 76-71 slog against the Charlotte Hornets.

The Truth Continues to Set Washington Free (From Three)

And thanks to CSN Northwest’s Jabari Young, here’s a great visual summary of every three Pierce has made since entering the league:

The Knicks Are Fallible After All 

According to The Detroit News’ Vincent Goodwill, the official severity of the injury remains unclear: 

Losing the red-hot Jennings would be a major blow to Detroit’s postseason hopes. “But I think it means more to the team because he’s our best player and he’s pushing himself through pain for the sake of the team. Augustin would fill in as Detroit’s primary floor general. So far this season, the Pistons have been 4.7 points worse per 100 offensive possessions with Augustin on the floor, per 

According to the YES Network’s Jeff Quagliata, Brooklyn has been historically incompetent of late:  

It was fun while it lasted.

However, as we saw throughout last season with the Chicago Bulls, Augustin is fully capable of filling a starting void with his steady three-point stroke and deft drive-and-kick capabilities. In a day where professional sports can be really selfish, I think this decision is selfless to the 100th power.”

Adjusting to life with a heavily wrapped left hand, it wasn’t hard to see Aldridge approaching one-on-one matchups below the free-throw line with a tentative mindset.

Detroit Is Collectively Holding Its Breath

The Grizzlies coasted behind 18 points from Jeff Green and another 17 from Zach Randolph, while Vince Carter cracked double figures for the eighth time this season with 13 points off the pine. 

Walloped 108-73, Brooklyn shot 38.7 percent from the field and 33.3 percent from three.  

For the Blazers’ sake, they’ll just need to hope a steady dose of those chants drowns out any potential adversity, as the team delicately balances on a title-contending seesaw in the months ahead.

“Meant the world to me because it takes so much more responsibility off me personally,” point guard Damian Lillard said of Aldridge’s decision, per The Oregonian’s Jason Quick.   

With Carmelo Anthony receiving the day off to rest, Lance Thomas (16 points, eight rebounds), Langston Galloway (11 points), Jason Smith and Lou Amundson joined Hardaway in the starting lineup.

Head coach Stan Van Gundy added the following, according to’s Keith Langlois: 

Let’s just say that 2011 Deron Williams blockbuster isn’t looking so good for the Nets right now: 

A 101-86 loss to the Milwaukee Bucks is merely secondary to the injury suffered by Detroit Pistons point guard Brandon Jennings late in the third quarter of Saturday’s Central Division clash. 

However, it’s fair to question what he will bring to the table defensively in the weeks ahead.

The Wizards may have dropped their second straight game, but Paul Pierce joined one of the NBA’s most exclusive clubs by banging home three triples against the Blazers. 

As ESPN Insider’s Kevin Pelton noted, Aldridge’s defensive dexterity may well be hindered as he seeks to avoid inflicting further damage: 

Defending an inbounds pass, Jennings crumpled to the ground after suffering an apparent non-contact injury to his left leg. Rookie Dante Exum remained hot in his starting role, tallying 13 points and four assists, while fellow Aussie Joe Ingles poured in 16 points and a team-high five assists. 

Hello? Brooklyn? 

Already dead-last in the NBA with an offensive rating six points lower than the next-closest team, the Sixers have now failed to crack 100 points in 21 straight games.

Kemba Walker (knee soreness) sat as well, which opened the door for Brian Roberts to lead the way with 17 points and three dimes. Al Jefferson (nine points) and Lance Stephenson (six points, four assists) came off the bench once again.   

Just when it looked like the Portland Trail Blazers’ season would be engulfed by question marks and a potential slide down the Western Conference standings, star forward LaMarcus Aldridge made the boldest of choices. 

In the loss, Pierce finished with 19 points on 7-of-10 shooting (3-of-4 from three), six rebounds and two assists. Since the injury isn’t to his shooting hand, the mid-range dependability that’s become synonymous with Aldridge’s game will continue making him one of the league’s deadliest catch-and-shoot, post-up and face-up weapons. 

Gordon Hayward torched Brooklyn’s shoddy perimeter play on both ends, racking up 24 points, four rebounds, three assists and three steals while shooting 10-of-14 from the field.   

Coincidentally, the last time the Sixers dropped 100-plus was back on Dec. Aldridge was slated to miss six to eight weeks before making a healthy return for the Blazers’ stretch run.

The scoring will be there.  . Since the departure of Josh Smith, Jennings had been averaging 20 points and 7.2 assists while shooting 44 percent from the field and 40.4 percent from three. 

But ultimately, the effect his presence has on Portland’s approach–both mentally and physically–is nearly impossible to quantify. 13 in an overtime thriller against Memphis.  

Although he acquitted himself nicely by scoring 26 points on 9-of-22 shooting while pulling down nine rebounds in Portland’s 103-96 victory against the Washington Wizards on Saturday night, it wasn’t hard to glean what a more limited Aldridge will have to offer the Blazers moving forward.

It’s only natural for Aldridge to embrace that approach. showed signs of life, compiling 25 points, six rebounds and five assists in 35 minutes. Trainers assisted him off the court and escorted him back to the locker room in a wheelchair. 

The Columbian’s Erik Gundersen reinforced that notion with a first-half observation of his own: 

Philadelphia–Brooklyn sees your offensive ineptitude versus Memphis and raises you with a total stinker against the Utah Jazz. 

New York is now 0-11 this season when Anthony sits. The Nets were so bad in the first half that they drew comparisons to Klay Thompson for all the wrong reasons, as noted by the NBA on TNT: 

The Sixers Offense Is in Dire Straits

But now, the questions that were destined to muddy Northwest waters have shifted shape.

Word came down just before 2:30 p.m. ET Saturday afternoon from the Blazers that Aldridge would forgo surgery on a torn left thumb ligament and gut out the remainder of the season like the true ironman he is:  

The Memphis Grizzlies throttled the Philadelphia 76ers, 101-83, in a contest that served as a microcosm of the Brotherly Ballers’ myriad struggles on offense this season.

Assuming he misses extended time, D.J. He’s already taken one giant leap by abstaining from surgery, so it would be foolish to take unnecessary risks with the threat of further injury looming. 

Around the Association

As Synergy Sports Technology pointed out, Aldridge has also been downright dominant working out of the low blocks this year: 

The Jazz deserve credit for a nice, well-rounded effort, though

Taxes in the Back » Gambling Loss Deduction Removed from Kansas Tax Code Beginning in 2014

All it takes is one unhappy taxpayer to make a large fuss about it. Removing a so-called “subsidy” for an entertainment activity is an easy political sell.

Kansas is home to three land-based casinos as well as five Indian-owned casinos. That’s when Kansans could be tempted to travel outside the state to gamble or turn to other forms of entertainment.

The article mentions that no one came forward in opposition to defend the gambling loss deduction. States are hungry for revenue. A taxpayer with gambling winnings in Kansas will have to pay the State personal income tax on gross winnings, and cannot even partially offset the winnings via a gambling loss deduction.

Well, the 2013 legislative session in Kansas appeared to lack some common sense when deciding to remove the gambling loss deduction from the state’s personal income tax beginning in 2014, as reported by the Topeka Capital-Journal.

Home > Gambling, Kansas, State and Local > Gambling Loss Deduction Removed from Kansas Tax Code Beginning in 2014

Regular readers of this blog know the implications. Hosting eight profitable casinos in a state of less than 2.9 million people, the State should not want to discourage its residents from participating in the entertainment.

The initial impact won’t be felt until April 2015, when taxpayers in Kansas have a balance due on their 2014 Kansas tax returns due to gambling winnings. I’m surprised the local casino lobbyists did not make any fuss.

At least that’s what common sense tells me.

. The result is paying taxes on “phantom” income.

We know the reason for the change