The night I told Luis Suarez to get lost after he put four past me!

It’s about stopping Liverpool as a team and, at the

same time, not disabling our ability to get forward and create problems

for them as well.

“He’s obviously a world-class player and what he has done

to us in the last two seasons, the quality he has got has been there for

all to see.


NORWICH won’t pay Luis Suarez any special attention – despite

the fact the Uruguayan hitman has made a habit of scoring goals aplenty against them.

“He can do it on a whim. He is a very spontaneous player in

that respect but in terms of preparation you prepare for every game the

same and go into it the same way.

Ruddy said: “Once someone has done that to you it is hard to

speak to them.

“Suarez seems to save his best goals for me but I’m

hoping to pull one back this weekend and maybe get one over him.

We’ll see.

“I was just telling him to go away.

KOPPING IT: Suarez sees the funny side of a night to forget for


“But if you just start focusing on one player you leave it

open for a couple more players instead.

Weakness “We’ve said we’re not going into the game

saying, ‘This is how we’re going to stop Luis Suarez, Daniel

Sturridge or Raheem Sterling’.

“But when someone plays like that against you, you have to

hold your hands up and say, ‘He has done it again’.

“If you focus just on Luis Suarez, you’ll get punished by

someone else.”

Liverpool striker Suarez bagged four in the 5-1 victory over the

Canaries in December to take his tally to eight in three games against

the Norfolk club.

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a professional you are disappointed when you lose.

“It’s about trying to impress our game plan on Liverpool

and play the way we know we can, and capitalise on the weaknesses we

think they have.


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“You just have to be more aware of what Suarez has done to us

in the past.

And his contribution that night earned him a few choice words from

Norwich keeper John Ruddy at the final whistle.

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“There’s no special plan going into the game about how to

stop Suarez

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